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Franklin Mint Silver Medal Set The Genius of Rembrandt

Submitted by on November 10, 2009 – 10:11 pm

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Franklin Mint Silver Medal Set The Genius of Rembrandt Picture and Description:

104 Troy Ounces Sterling Silver in Wooden Cabinet

 38353204457675490 Franklin Mint Silver Medal Set The Genius of Rembrandt

Offered for First Time: Collection of 50 Large (2" diameter) First Edition Proof Sterling Silver Medals (51mm) struck by The Franklin Mint in 1975. This beautiful collection comes in its own custom crafted wooden cabintet. This Collection has been kept by one family and has never been out of that family. The wooden cabinet has five drawers. It measures 18" wide x 12" deep x 9" high. Drawers 1 & 2 hold 13 medals each in its own black felt holder pocket. Drawers 3 & 4 hold 12 medals each. Each medal sits in its own black felt holder pocket. Each drawer has 2 "brass" pulls. Drawer 5 contains 2 informational and identification books. Book one is Rembrandt - His Life and Work. Book 2 has the description and history of the masterpiece represented on each metal round. This second book also houses the Certificate of Authenticity and mintage I.D. #. Each medal round has important information marked on the side. Each medal round/coin has the copyright mark C, the Franklin Mint Mark, the year it was minted - a square with 75 within, P within a square-showing its a first edition Proof, and the lettering "First Edition Proof" with the number 1279 stamped. 1279 represents the special edition proff I.D. number. This Special Collection Show Set is considered "RARE". According to knowledgeable collectors, a set like this only appears on the secondary market about once a year. The Silver Bullion value of this collection as of November 2009 is no less than $1500. Each medal weighs in at 66 grams/1000 grains. The complete Sterling set weight is 104 Troy Ounces Sterling Silver. The premium value (above and beyond its precious metal value) of this Special Collection is manifested in its beautiful presentation and its very high quality of the 50 different individual sculptures on the 50 medals. The front of each medal has an exquisitely sculpted representation of a Rembrandt masterpiece. The back of each medal is inscribed with the name of the masterpiece. The first 8 photos attached to this auction description show representations of the actual collection being offered. The close-ups of the medal The Presentation in the Temple (medal # 29/photos 7 &8) appear to have a golden sheen. That sheen is not apparent in real life. It comes from the filtered light at the time of the taking of the photograph. All the medals are brilliant mirror-like silver. Photos 9-11 are photos that were taken by a collector who has a similar set. Photo #9 shows the four-drawer pattern of medals in their drawer seats. Photo 10 and 11 show close-ups of medals from a similar set owned by another well-known collector. These photos have better quality than photos I can take; they represent the quality of this set being offered. Photo 10 is a close up of Rembrandt's etching:The Return of the Prodigal Son. Photo 11 is of Issue # 48, a representation of one of Rembrandt's early paintings - The Apostle Paul in Prison. Because these Sterling Silver rounds have been in the collection cabinet, and hardly ever handled in the last 35 years, some medals do show a slight tarnish, and could use a bit of polishing to bring them up to "mint" luster. Information regarding bringing coins back to original luster can be found on the web at franklin-mint-silver.com. Should you win this collection for yourself or for a very special gift, you should heed the directions of those silver collection experts. This Collection is not only a valuable piece of art, it is a window to art history and the special role Rembrandt played in rendering the beauty and inspiration of the early years of Christianity. The formation of Christianity was especially important to Rembrandt's life and masterpieces. The powerful emotive force of his masterpieces can be felt in each one of these medals. The set will be packaged as carefully as possible for shipment. The medals will be wrapped separately, each in its own wrapper. Those wrappers will be shipped so that they do not move around during shipping. They will be separated from the wooden presentation box, but shipped in one substantial cardboard container with the presentation box. The packaging will be insured for at least the amount of the winning bid. If you have any questions regarding this Special Collection, please feel free to put forth a query. Happy Bidding!

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